All-Natural Elderberry Elixir

Sweeten your day with Elderberry Fairy’s jams and elixirs made from farm-fresh American grown elderberries. It’s a delicious, healthy, and nutritious way to keep your immune system strong!

About Lindsey

Meet the Elderberry Fairy

Hi, I’m Lindsey. Most people call me the Elderberry Fairy 😊. I started this brand nearly ten years ago as I was looking for a natural immune booster supplement that could keep me healthy. I interacted with many people and visited many places. I wanted to make sure I was as healthy as possible. I am a certified personal trainer and a nutritionist and found my passion in the field of Elderberries. I live an organic and holistic healthy lifestyle, and I wanted to bring a product to market that I would feel comfortable consuming.

I’ve been drinking my elderberry syrup every day for the last decade, and I love the effects. I feel better all around, and my customers often report the same. Visit us at local farmer’s markets in Las Vegas for a sample or order some online today. I love to get feedback, so let me know your thoughts on our delicious elderberry elixirs.

And thank you for taking the time to visit my store.

With Love,
Lindsey the Elderberry Fairy!

Elderberry Jam & Elixer

Made by Hand
with Love

Grown by nature, made with love. We provide what we believe to be, the most powerful and effective all-natural immunity boost available, period.

Our Products

Elderberry Jam & Elixir


What Our Customers Say

At Elderberry Fairy, we’re dedicated to creating the best elderberry jam & elixir on the market and our customer testimonials prove it.

I absolutely loved the elderberry syrup, i looked forward to it everyday and drank it straight from a shot glass. Who knew a natural medicine would taste so good and keeps you healthy! I highly recommend and suggest buying the 16 oz bottle 😉


    Amazing product! I always thought a lot of this stuff was a placebo but this has actually strengthen my immune system I’ve been around multiple people with Covid and I always seem to stay healthy! And also taste great I recommend some of the jam on some toast!

      Tyler Bennett

      This is my favorite Elderberry!! I’ve been taking this for months and it always helps keep my immune system up. Not only is this great for you but it tastes so good. It’s hard not to consume more than the required amount necessary! Do yourself a favor and invest in keeping yourself healthy & support a small business!

        Lorilee G

        Amazing tasting elixir with great health benefits to match! I would take this while I was sick and recovered faster than usual. I now take it all the time to strengthen my immune system and haven't caught a cold yet since! Highly recommend!!

          Natasha Waters

          When COVID hit, I looked for things to help boost my family's immunity. I'm so glad that I found The Elderberry Fairy. Seriously the best and tastes amazing with no artificial taste. Fast shipping too with super cute packaging. Cannot recommend it enough.

            Tiffany Pratt


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