Healthy Eating Tips

Over 40 million Americans go on a diet yearly. While going on these diets, they spend a combined $33 billion on weight-loss products. However, reaching a healthy weight is all about combining a healthy diet with exercise, but this doesn’t necessarily mean living on a restrictive, boring diet consisting of bland, tasteless food. It’s possible to live a healthy lifestyle, have a healthy diet, and look forward to meal time. Continue reading for some healthy eating tips.

Boost Your Cooking Skills

Those who regularly cook their meals at home typically have healthier diets, consume fewer calories, and are more likely to contain a healthy weight than those who eat out often. People who don’t prepare their meals at home typically miss out on essential foods such as chicken, fruit, vegetables, and fish. When you cook your meals at home, this allows you to experiment with flavors and create both nutritionally balanced and delicious dishes. You can also utilize Superfood Powder to give your dishes an extra nutrient boost, which will assist with vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant intake.

Mix Things Up

Variety is critical when it comes to a healthy and tasty diet. Moderation, nutrition, and a good balance of calories also play vital roles. Using different preparation methods or switching some key ingredients will seem like you are eating an entirely different meal each time. Swap out proteins, vegetables, grains, and fruits regularly to keep your meals interesting.

For example,  if you regularly have cereal or granola for breakfast with a specific type of fruit, switch things up with different fruits from different seasons. Add granola for extra sweetness and crunch, and why not go a little wild? If you’re tired of chicken meals, swap them for lean turkey, lean beef, salmon, or scrambled eggs. If you are bored of eating the same vegetables, substitute boring broccoli with green beans or asparagus. The possibilities are limitless.

Include Elderberry Jam & Elixir

The berries of the elderberry plant are rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect addition to your healthy eating regimen.

  • Elderberry jam is a fruit preserve made with elderberries, sugar, and pectin. It is a thick, dark purple jam with a tart and slightly sweet flavor. Elderberry jam is often used as a spread on toast or biscuits or as a filling for pies and pastries. It can also be used in sauces and marinades or enjoyed on its own. Elderberry jam offers several health benefits, as elderberries are high in antioxidants and vitamins A and C.
  • Elderberry elixir is a natural remedy used for centuries to treat various ailments. Elderberry elixir can be used to treat colds and flu, bronchitis, sinus infections, and as a general tonic to boost the immune system. 

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